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About Me

I write about places, travels, food and I write fiction. I use a camera and a phone to take photographs of those places and travel and occasionally of the food. Some of the fiction pieces – a short story or a poem, are inspired by a photo or a painting or a place.  There is no chronological sequence to the posts.  Many of the photographs are already on Instagram. My Instagram account.

I am new to sharing  words and images this way. One a week up to one a day.

My inspiration? The joy of travel to new sights and old sites, to new cultures and experiences, to the sounds and smells of different scenery and cities, to the changing rhythms of languages.  The unfolding scenery of landscape and urban architecture, the broad vistas and intimate detail of doorways and rooftops, the colour scheme of nature and of inhabitants.  The evolution of representation of life and land: the portraiture of ages and cultures.

I am also on Facebook; Instagram; Goodreads; and Tumbler

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